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    The Fallen

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    Cry Monster Cry


Cry Monster Cry - The Fallen

God only knows
how it feels on the outside 
As the Earth dies, 
crumbling through…

Maddened I see
what a fool I can be to the calling,
Bodies falling,
into the blue…

Free The Fallen,
deal the pain
Free the wishing,
and all my falls remain…

Now that I see
that my wings are swiftly breaking,
I am making my way to you.

Falling with me,
as we make our blazing connection,
Our protection is the truth.

Free The Fallen
and here’s the pain.
Free the wishing,
and all my falls remain,
all for you

Debris, we’re falling.
and deal the pain.
Free the wishing,
and all my falls remain.

In your soul,
has it gone cold like a fire thin at night?
A fire thin at night.
When you go,
are you so bold without me?


On Tangled Shores || Cry Monster Cry

Down this road I’m groaning,there we go,
way to go. No one knows. 
And I cannot stop screaming so you know,
oh sweet Lord, where do we go?

You are not the woman that I know,
I adore, On Tangled Shores. 
A shill beneath the flowers bending low,
sweet as gold, and still we go.

Like a warm sweet air, summer sun
I’ll get up and I’ll carry on
and I swear to you when brown leaves fall I’m gone. 

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